Wedding night

Today, March 8 2017, a good old feminist joke happened to pop out of our memory. We dedicate it to all those real macho men out there who honor their gender, making it necessary for the world to keep celebrating an International Women’s Day. It goes like this:

* * *

Sakis is a real man. I mean, a really real he-man. Sakis got married. The day after the wedding, his buddies at the local coffee shop can’t wait to hear all about The Wedding Night. When he finally shows up, they have already ordered his favorite strong ice coffee. All eyes are on him, full of expectation. But Sakis is in no rush. He sips his coffee in silence. Then he lights a cigarette. And then, he starts talking about last night.

«After the wedding party we went home. I picked her up in my strong arms and carried her up the stairs. I kicked the door in, made my way to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I ripped off her wedding dress. I undressed myself slowly, all the time looking into her eyes. Then I slapped her hard across the face. So she knows who’s the boss around here. Then I slapped her again. To make sure she got it right. And then I jerked off. Just to show her that I don’t really need her at all.»


* * *

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