Michael Jackson

UNIMEDIA10007 – IMAGE 9991000704 – MICHAEL JACKSON was born in Gary, Indiana, the second-youngest brother of seven and the eighth of ten children of Joseph and Katherine Jackson. In 1966, after taking co-lead singing duties with brother Jermaine, the group’s name was changed to THE JACKSON 5. The group played local clubs and bars, building up a following and eventually signing a contract with Motown Records in 1968. The group hit stardom, with their first four singles charting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Jackson also released and charted many solo hit singles as part of the Jackson 5 franchise, including the hits GOT TO BE THERE,BEN, and a remake of Bobby Day’s ROCKIN’ ROBIN.
The group’s sales declined after 1973, and the group chafed under Motown’s strict refusal to allow the Jacksons creative control or input. In 1976, the group signed a new contract with CBS Records (first joining the Philadelphia International division and later moving over to Epic Records). Upon learning that the Jackson 5 had signed a contract with another label, Motown sued the group for breach of contract.
As a result of the legal proceedings, which were complicated by the fact that Jermaine Jackson had just married the daughter of Motown president Berry Gordy, the Jacksons lost the rights to use the ‘Jackson 5′ name and logo and also lost Jermaine, who wanted to stay in Motown. They changed their name to simply ‘The Jacksons,’ featuring youngest brother Randy in Jermaine’s place, and continued their successful career, touring internationally and releasing six albums between 1976 and 1984, with Jermaine eventually re-joining in 1983, making them a sextet.
In 1978, Jackson starred as the scarecrow in THE WIZ with former-labelmate DIANA ROSS playing Dorothy.The musical film’s songs were arranged by famed producer QUINCY JONES, who established a partnership with Jackson during the film’s production and agreed to produce his first solo album in four years. Off the Wall, released in 1979, was a worldwide hit, and became the first album in history to spawn four top-ten hits, including DON’T STOP ‘TIL YOU GET ENOUGH and ROCK WITH YOU. establishing Jackson as a musical force without his brothers.
The original album cover to 1982’s THRILLER.In 1982, Jackson released his second Epic album, Thriller, which became the best-selling album in music history with more than 60 million copies sold worldwide. The album spawned seven hit singles, including BILLIE JEAN (which was the first music video by a black artist to receive regular airplay on MTV), BEAT IT and the album’s title track which was accompanied by a revolutionary music video. The thirteen-minute «Thriller» was critically acclaimed, and massive airplay lead to it being packaged with the featurette ‘Making Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller on VHS, where it became the best-selling music home video ever. Thriller spent 37 weeks at number one and remained on the Billboard album chart for 122 weeks. It was eventually certified 26x Platinum in the United States. In 1983, whilst performing Billie Jean at the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever concert Jackson debuted what could now be construed as his signature move—the moonwalk. The media began paying more attention to this new, publicity-courting Jackson and his new-found superstar status and wealth allowed him to reap financial rewards. In 1983 he started a sponsorship deal with Pepsi-Cola, and as part of the deal Jackson agreed to star in a commercial. While filming a Pepsi commercial with his brothers present in 1984, before a live audience, his hair caught on fire when a pyrotechnic effect went wrong. Jackson suffered serious burns on his scalp, which required skin grafts.
Later in 1984, Jackson won eight Grammy awards. Seven were for the critically acclaimed Thriller. Jackson also won a Grammy for the E.T. Storybook that year, breaking the record for the most Grammy awards won in a single year.
Michael Jackson in his home in New York – Nov 1974


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