Salem* using his fingers to make a frame around Khaled* (left) and Ali* (right).

In August 2014 Magnum photographer Michael Christopher Brown travelled to Za’atari and taught a group of Syrian refugee teenagers how to take photographs using an Apple iPhone. This photo was taken by Salem*, a 14 year old Syrian boy living in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

There are two multi-activity centres in Zaâatari refugee camp, one for boys and one for girls. They were setup by Save the Children to provide a space for young people to engage in a wide array of activities, including fitness training, photography, art and non-formal education. Since opening over a year and a half ago, the Centres have become a second home to around 2,000 teenagers a month. Not only are the centres providing the teenagers with an array of practical and life skills, it is also rebuilding their self-confidence.

Salem* said:
âI learned so many things such as how to take pictures and how to pick the right angle.â

âWe learned how to get the person in the middle and placing a person in a frame such as a circle . We learned a lot of things.â

âMy dream is to become a photographer.â


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