Once the water trucks have delivered water to the communal containers families use buckets to fill up for their use at home.

In August 2014 Magnum photographer Michael Christopher Brown travelled to Za’atari and taught a group of Syrian refugee teenagers how to take photographs using an Apple iPhone. This photograph was taken by Khaled*, a 16 year old Syrian boy living in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Part of the project focused on the issue of water in the camp.

There are two multi-activity centres in Zaâatari refugee camp, one for boys and one for girls. They were setup by Save the Children to provide a space for young people to engage in a wide array of activities, including fitness training, photography, art and non-formal education. Since opening over a year and a half ago, the Centres have become a second home to around 2,000 teenagers a month. Not only are the centres providing the teenagers with an array of practical and life skills, it is also rebuilding their self-confidence.
Khaled* said:
âI learned how to take photos and the right angles to take a picture. I learned how to photograph from certain angles to get shadows in my photosâ

âWhen I grow up and become a photojournalist, I want to take pictures of everything I see.â

âIn the future, if I become a good photojournalist and if I become famous, Iâll get the chance to leave this place to take pictures.â


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